Design is all around us

says Isobel Morris, from the table that we eat on, to the actual food that we eat. There is plenty to see if we just look hard enough!

The colours, texture and patterns are just the start - design can change the world and it is our responsibility as designers to ensure that it has a positive impact.

Looking at the way that nature is continually evolving and moving forward - we must to do the same.

Not just in our plans but our production - this is what brings about the change that makes design so powerful. And when design is inspired by nature it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

nylon engulfed rug sqaure with econyl lo

There’s a lot of versatility 

designs can be simple or complex. It’s art in a beautiful rug, it really pulls a room together. 

Recycled textiles

as well as being sustainable for use a second time can often be recycled again.

econyl logo.png