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Hand knotted rugs are a product of fine craftsmanship and designed to last a lifetime. Hand knotting is a very old traditional and highly specialised way of making rugs. The weavers skill requires remarkable precision, patience and fine craftsmanship. Hand knotted rugs have thousands of knots, each one hand tied around individual warp threads, on specially designed looms. This meticulous process creates rugs of heirloom quality of which every one is unique and ever lasting.

The intricately knotted construction allows for complex designs and use of lots of colour.

Adding texture enriches each design, the knots may be cut to create a pile, or uncut, making a loop pile finish, sometimes carved into.

Knotted rugs are predominantly woven in wool and silks, but with new innovative materials like regenerated nylons, and recycled yarns, these can also create a luxurious beautiful rug.


Once the knotting stage is complete, the rug is taken off the loom and washed in the open air with clean water, and dried in the sun. This process allows the rug to develop it’s natural lustre and a wonderful depth of colour. The finishing stages then include combing - to produce a smooth and lustrous look and feel - and wrapping, or binding - where the edges are neatly hand-sewn in matching yarn.


Hand tufting is a newer technique, that has been developed to combine the traditional craft of hand knotting with modern day technology. Tufted rugs are made by using a hand-held tool, called a tufting gun. That insert yarns through a backing cloth while on a frame. Once the tufting has been completed a natural latex is applied to stabilise the back of the rug and secure the yarn pile.


Tufted rugs can be made in a variety of designs, colours and shapes, but with less complexity and intricacy of design and colouration than knotted rugs. The rugs are hand finished using techniques such as sheering and carving, where the pile is trimmed to define areas of the design.


Due to the faster weaving process, tufted rugs are a more affordable alternative to knotted rugs. Tufted rugs will last a good number of years. 

“Using the tufting gun is similar to drawing, it allows you to be experimental and fluid in your design. To me, rugs complete a room, they’re a piece of art in textile form – on a wall or floor that draws the room together.”  Isobel Morris

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