What are our rugs made from?

Our hand knotted rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool. Some rugs have synthetic fibres that add a shimmery effect.

Hand Tufted rugs are made with mixed fibres. mainly 100% wool. Materials will range from design to design. 

What rug production do we use?

Hand knotted- yarn is knotted onto cotton warps and wefts. knots per inch range from 30-300 knots per inch. The more knots per inch the finer the the rugs are. These are produced by skilled craftsman and woman in Nepal.

Hand tufted- A frame is set up with backing cloth. The artisan will draw the outline of the design and with a tufting gun, that is connected to electricity and compressed air the strands of yarn will shoot out and the blade will cut. the craftsman fill in the design with the chosen coloured yarn.

How long does it take to make a rug?

It can take from 6-12 weeks to hand knot your rug.

Is child labour used?

No child labour is used. We support 'Good Weave' 

How do I look after my rug?